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Acts 10

Acts 10 Many Jews expected Christ to show up and defeat the Romans.  Instead, Jesus is killed by the Romans.  After He is raised from the dead, He then brings them into His kingdom.  Acts 10 shows us the workings of the mercy of God as Peter is sent to share the Gospel with a centurion.  


Acts 9

Acts 9   The conversion of Saul is an amazing story.  God will blind him illustrating his blindness to the truth of the Gospel and the Christian movement he was seeking to destroy. Saul was trying to eradicate Christianity from Israel.  Sadly, he wanted to bind Christians and bring them to Jerusalem to be put on trial.  Christ...

auto insurance Dallas

auto insurance Dallas!!! Dallas, Texas welcome to cheap insurance.  You should be happy to know that here at Daemi Group, we have some of the lowest rates you will find coupled with service and care.  We are an Oklahoma company that has been beating the socks off of the competition, so we decided we should expand,...

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