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What is the cheapest car insurance in Tulsa?

Do you want to find the cheapest car insurance available?  Do you think that you might be paying too much at your current insurance company?  We want to help you find the best insurance rate to fit your driving history and the cars that you drive.  You need to know that the company you have...

Can my insurance company track me by my phone?

It doesn't get any crazier than this.  Car insurance companies are able to track your driving through your cell phone.  An article at Wired, by David R. Martin, lays out the details on what are called "telematics", or usage-based insurance (UBI) policies. Many of you were probably already aware that your phones act as personal...

How do car insurance companies rate you?

So we have this discussion with our clients a lot.  They wonder, why is my insurance this price?  Well, there is an endless list of reasons and factors behind insurance company ratings.  Many companies have extensive lists of rating factors, and some of them might not be what you would think they would use. 

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