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Storm Warning: Cover Your Cars with an Auto Insurance Policy

The recent thunderstorms and tornado warnings remind us that we are not in control.  While the primary concern is personal safety, often we forget about vehicles.  Because we cannot control what happens with the weather, consideration should be given to protecting your car against unknown and unforeseen damage. Hail and debris can cause great damage.  If you...

BEWARE! School is Out for the Summer!

The students are being released from the walls of the school building!  They are free to fill their day with summer jobs, vacation, or just going to get a snow cone. In addition, parents can plan vacations and weekend trips for the family.  While all of this generates excitement and fun, there is a grave danger that it...

A Mother’s Love Cannot Be Taken For Granted

In the movie Peter Pan, Wendy says that Captain Hook needs a mother.  The month of May reminds us of the love and care that mothers provide to their children.  We are provided a day to celebrate all that mothers bring to their children.  I have watched my wife care for our six children for almost 28 years...

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