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China says

China says that it will not permit a war on the Korean peninsula.  What that is supposed to mean to the United States, South Korea, and Japan, has yet to be interpreted.  North Korea doesn't seem to care what others think.  They are testing missiles and shooting them over Japan. So what do you do with...

cheap insurance

cheap insurance!!! What do you do when your auto insurance company is overcharging you?  Do you call your agent and demand an answer?  You should.  Here at Daemi Group of Oklahoma, if a company tries to raise your rate, we will step in to do something about it.  Because we are your hometown insurance agency, we...

Acts 13

Acts 13 Barnabas and Paul will go to the nations.  God personally selects them to go on missions. I would be excited and quite nervous if that happened.  It is going to be intense for Paul.  Real intense.

Oddly enough, they will encounter a Jewish false prophet.  How odd that he was Jewish, and was working for...

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